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Satire so shocking it makes pubic lice blush
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Are you tired of oppressively bland pop culture literary Muzak written in the style of Reader's Digest? Do you long for storytelling that challenges the undeserved sanctity of society's most sacred icons: sports, rock music, soap operas, giant corporations that pretend to be pillars of the community, the legal system and religious fundamentalism? If so you have come to the right place to find books that few will have the prolate spheroids to put in their personal libraries. Our books are written in the classical style of the old school of writing, influenced by our heroes, such as Voltaire, Balzac, H. G. Wells, and Ted Marks. However, be warned. Our books are not for everybody. If you are a fan of junk culture, what we publish will make you fulminate fuchsia-face iracundulous. Check out our offerings in the links where you can order our books in either hardcover or electronic download.  

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